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Swartland Wine Route
Carl Thunberg Route - Kasteelberg
Carl Peter Thunberg was a Swedish botanist and explorer who ascended Kasteelberg in 1774, and who left a vivid description; this path leads to the approximate place he summited. 

The start of the trail is Pulpit Rock Winery, which is just north of Riebeek West on he R311. 

Walk up the path between the vines (but please do not stray into the cultivated area - remember, this is a working farm) until you are above the vineyards; below you will be Pulpit Rock Winery. 

At this point (GPS 33°20'31"S 18°50'37"E), at the side of a gully you will see a jeep track running sharply up to the right; it goes up the slope of the mountain. Follow this. It soon turns into a narrow trail until you arrive at a very large cairn (GPS 33°20'30"S 18°50'30"E) indicating the route up. 

The next landmark is a large wild olive tree (GPS 33°20'32"S 18°50'19"E). Keep on the path and you will see it follows a ravine up to a series of rocky outcrops, around which you must skirt. Once above these there is no formal path but the vegetation becomes much lower and it is easy to walk up to the summit. 

Just avoid the obvious sheer rock faces and the route up, although fairly steep, is not difficult. Make a note and return by the same route. 

On the summit you can scramble along the ridge, savoring ravishing views of Table Mountain and the Cape in one direction, and into the Piketberg, Cederberg and beyond in the other. 

For security reasons you must be in possession of a permit whilst on the mountain - it may be obtained from: Riebeek Valley Tourism, on the square in Riebeek Kasteel during published opening hours only.

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